Concerns Over ERP System and Real Solutions For ERP

ERP system is a management software system which not only has a numerous effect in business, human resources, warehouse, finance ... but also helps the enterprise manage general operations, thereby saving a lot of time and increasing working efficiency.

Many benefits could be achieved from using an ERP system:

  • Sales are managed by identified types of products, areas, salesmen ...
  • Inventories management is strictly enforced for each kind of raw materials, finished goods, regions from time to time…
  • Data is always available and detailed in every departments of the enterprise, which built on the principle of "always available"
  • Eliminate the intermediaries that prevent information flow between many departments within a business throughout the coordination process, thereby improving working efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Diverse reporting system provides information in order to make rapid, accurate and appropriate decisions at any time. Enterprises only need to access the reporting system of ERP and select the appropriate report, the desired results will be produced by ERP.

Besides the benefits, some limitations when using the ERP system can be mentioned:

  • When setting an ERP system, the implementer may not fully understand the internal control system ("ICS") or the enterprise has an incomplete ICS, and solely set up ICS according to habit. Therefore, the data/documents transfer process become more difficult and the enterprise cannot control where and how detailed data is generated.
  • It takes time and cost to train all employees in the company using the system effectively.
  • ERP implementation with full functions is time-consuming (about 2-3 years) and prohibitively expensive (more modules, more cost). In addition, the performance of upgrading and repairing the module in the system is even more complicated.
  • The ERP system is designed exceedingly strictly, therefore, if any error has happened, finding the root of the error must be performed to handle the issue.

Therefore, before deciding to spend a lot of money on installing the ERP system, the enterprise needs to seek for professional consulting partners like us, or if necessary, contact us for further support. If supports are carried out from the first stage, the enterprise can optimize costs, shorten training time for employees as well as build a suitable management system to your needs.

We would like to give some notes when implementing ERP in enterprises:

  1. Check whether the internal control system is appropriate or not?
  2. Is the accounting data accurate and appropriate to import in the ERP?
  3. How to operate the modules to strictly control?
  4. What is the role of the accounting department in operating and monitoring?
  5. How will the software be checked during the installation and test stage?

In addition, we also provide some of the following services:

  1. Review financial statement
  2. Consult design and implementation ERP system appropriate for each company.
  3. Following up the enterprise during the process of setting up the ERP system.


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